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Taizhou Huangyan: "Chain Length System" Strengthens the Mould Industry Chain


How to avoid the dilemma of "a production line is stopped due to a lack of parts" in the dual test of greatly increasing security risks in the global industrial chain and the impact of the "epidemic"? "We are taking the mold industry as a pilot and taking the lead in implementing the'chain length system' to escort the stability of the industrial chain." A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the Taizhou Huangyan Economic Development Zone Management Committee said.

At present, Huangyan is actively exploring the "Nine Ones" working mechanism, and supports the mold through nine mechanisms including an industrial chain development plan, an industrial chain development space platform, a batch of industry chain leading enterprises cultivation, and an industrial chain professional investment team. Upstream and downstream enterprises strengthen industrial coordination and technological cooperation to tackle key problems. In addition, Huangyan will also establish a leading group for the pilot work of the "chain length system" of the mold industry chain, establish a joint meeting system, discuss, coordinate and make decisions on major issues in the development of the industry chain, and form a normalized mechanism to promote the realization of the Huangyan mold industry chain "Strong chain", "complement chain" and "extended chain".

Encourage the university to accumulate kinetic energy
Strengthening the industry chain to attract investment "this fire" ignited. In mid-May, Huangyan District Party Committee Secretary Chen Jianxun led a team to Shanghai to attract investment. During his stay in Shanghai, he signed investment agreements with Yisen (Shanghai) Mould Co., Ltd. and Xinli Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai R&D Center.

Yisen is the champion of the domestic die industry. The project plans to invest 1.05 billion yuan in Huang, and the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 500 million yuan after it is put into production. Xinli has strong R&D and mold design and manufacturing capabilities for auto parts. The project plans to invest 650 million yuan, and the annual output value is expected to reach 800 million yuan after it reaches full capacity. The two major projects are highly compatible with Huangyan's industrial model, and their introduction is of great significance to complement the shortcomings in the development of the mold industry.

Huangyan mould industry has a solid foundation and obvious advantages. It is a well-known "hometown of moulds" at home and abroad. Since its inception in the 1950s, an industrial chain with complete functions, a high degree of specialization, and a complete supporting system has gradually formed. But at the same time, Huangyan mold industry also has problems such as fierce homogeneity competition, lack of high-end technology and high-level talents.

Based on the existing mold industry foundation, Huangyan aims at the key direction of the mold industry's future development, formulates investment distribution maps, organizes a batch of mold industry investment promotion projects, establishes a district mold industry chain investment promotion mechanism and professional investment promotion group, and innovates and develops key areas of the industry chain Accurate investment promotion.

Build a platform for teamwork
During the epidemic this year, Huangyan Jingcheng Times Group made every effort to produce meltblown die heads urgently needed for epidemic prevention, and negotiated with customers to postpone 90% of the orders for half a year, and more than 700 sets of orders were therefore backlogged. At present, how to deliver on time within the agreed time has become a major test for Jingcheng. At the same time, many small and medium mold companies are facing a shortage of orders.

"In a special period, the advantages of Huangyan mold manufacturing industry clustering are particularly prominent. We give full play to the leading power of leading enterprises to drive the development and growth of other enterprises and promote regional transformation and upgrading." said He Wenbiao, Director of the Economic Service Center of Huangyan Economic Development Zone, "here In the process, we must serve, lead, and connect well."

Teamwork has become an inevitable choice for sincerity. Taking advantage of industrial clustering, with the help of relevant departments such as Huangyan Economic Development Zone and Xinqian Street, and the support of the Mold Association, Jingcheng finally screened out 40 mold companies in the district and jointly accepted more than 700 sets of orders. Processing procedures, and send technical supervision and guidance to designated enterprises to unify product quality.

"In the future, we will build more platforms so that when companies encounter problems in the industry chain, they can have alternative and supplementary solutions to further strengthen and optimize the mold industry chain." said Fang Chonghui, director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Huangyan District. Currently, Huangyan District is building an innovation service complex for the molding industry and a mold cloud processing platform to further exert the driving effect of leading enterprises.

Optimize the environment to boost development
"These are the electric car models we developed. After the land is approved, we can build a factory and put it into production." A few days ago, in the new product showroom of Taizhou Jingchaoli Mould Co., Ltd. Quantifying electric vehicles, the general manager Lin Guogui is full of expectations.

The company is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing, and injection molding of plastic molds for automotive interior and exterior parts. For more than 20 years, it has reached cooperation with more than 30 world-renowned automobile companies such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc., to supply various auto mold parts. "In the long-term cooperation with first-class automobile companies, we have accumulated valuable experience and have a certain understanding of vehicle manufacturing technology. Therefore, we have decided to independently research and develop new energy vehicles. The current technology is mature." Lin Guogui said.

Extending from mold manufacturing to vehicle manufacturing, whether Jing Chaoli can complete this huge leap, land is the key issue. "This very much needs the help of government departments." Lin Guogui said.

After learning about the predicament of Jingchao Li, the staff of Huangyan Economic Development Zone immediately formed a working group to investigate the company, and timely feedback the situation to the relevant departments to help the company solve the land use problem.

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