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Talent is the foundation of the development of a company. The operation of a company's mechanism, the development of a brand, and talents all play a decisive role.

Taizhou Maisi Mould and Plastic Co., Ltd. provides the best career development platform for various talents who are interested in the development of the mold industry. Talents must have a dedication, passion for doing things, learning habits, and trying to be learning talents. Competing for a job is talent, innovation and development are excellent people. How the company selects talents, retains talents, utilizes talented people, how to integrate people into the company, and how to combine the individual value of talents with the value of the company are issues that we have been thinking about. Put people-oriented thinking into the work of talent cultivation, pay attention to the career needs of employees, provide a broad platform for employees, create talents to create unlimited space for business development, and achieve harmony among people. With regard to the use of talents, we have created a good working platform and development space for those who retain their careers, keep their employees, create an excellent cultural atmosphere, and continue to strengthen the internal affinity and cohesion of the company to achieve cultural retention. At present, in accordance with the requirements of establishing a modern enterprise system and meeting the needs of the market economy, we have gradually established a people-oriented, open, fair, competitive, and merit-based talent selection and appointment mechanism, a unified supervision and restriction mechanism for rights and responsibilities, and a consistent performance and treatment. The assessment and incentive mechanism has successfully created an excellent environment that respects knowledge, respects talents, and helps outstanding talents come to the fore.

The company invites talented people to join our team and join hands in creating Wai Yip. We firmly believe that all employees are always the company's most valuable asset.

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