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Mold and plastic, how many voices in Taizhou’s 60-year-old industry?


The key to grasping the real economy is to cultivate strategically advantageous industries that support Taizhou's long-term development, give play to the effects of industrial clusters, and promote the high-quality development of regional economies.

Automobiles and parts, general aviation, molds and plastics, medical and medical, intelligent toilets, sewing equipment, pumps and motors are the seven hundred billion industries that the city has determined to support and cultivate. The goal is to strive for the emergence of each industry. 3 leading companies with influence in the country and the world. From today on, the newspaper has launched special reports, visited key industry players and interviewed industry representatives, and introduced the development history, industrial characteristics, industrial advantages, and goals and paths of the seven major billion-dollar industries. Please pay attention. In Huangyan Yongning Park, the mold was chosen as the theme of urban sculpture.

Taizhou enjoys the reputation of “the kingdom of plastic products” and “the hometown of Chinese molds”. Mold and plastic are listed as one of the seven major billion-dollar industries in the city.

In the first quarter of this year, the molding industry in our city was booming in production and sales, achieving rapid growth. In terms of molds, there are 85 companies with regulations, with an output value of 1.566 billion yuan and a main business income of 1.335 billion yuan, up 8.1% and 15.8% respectively, continuing the rapid growth since the end of last year. In terms of plastics, they have regulations. There are 377 enterprises with an output value of 7.443 billion yuan and a main business income of 7.087 billion yuan, up 10.6% and 6.4% respectively. A traditional industry with a long history and rich products On May 10th, the second “Small Town Craftsman” of Huangyan Intelligent Mould Town held an awarding ceremony. Ten “town craftsmen” wore red silk and took the trophy.u=734415791,3099172949&fm=173&app=25&f=JPEG.jpg    

Huangyan mold industry has a long history of development. In Huangyan, making a mold is not only a job, but also a heritage of craftsmanship. According to statistics, Huangyan has a large number of operational personnel who have been engaged in the production of first-line molds for a long time. Among them, more than 15,000 skilled workers have been employed in the mold industry for more than 20 years. Taizhou's molding industry sprouted in the 1950s, starting in the 1970s, and entering the industrial scale in the early 1980s. In the 1990s, molds and plastics became the pillar industries of the regional economy.

Taizhou is the largest and most concentrated mold production base in the country and an important processing base for global plastic products.

Car bumper, car dashboard... In the exhibition hall of Huangyan Kaihua Mould, the plastic parts of each car are put together to form the outline of an SUV. Kaihua specializes in the manufacture of large-scale automotive plastic molds, which are used in vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. The “micro-foaming instrument panel” molding technology undertaken by Kaihua was included in the “Industrial Strong Base 2025” project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Before that, such molds were basically imported.

According to Yan Weibing, president of Taizhou Mould Association, in the field of plastic molds, regardless of automobile molds, electric vehicle molds, household appliance molds, building materials molds, extrusion molds, blow molds, Taizhou mold companies have a strong industry voice. Many products are used in aerospace and high-speed rail manufacturing. The same is true in the plastic products industry, Yonggao, Weixing plastic pipe fittings, Fuling plastic lunch boxes, Xingwei plastic furniture, Shuangma, Longshida's household plastic products, Shixia sprayer, Yulong technology and Jufeng locomotive Electric car plastic parts, step by step luggage, seal fishing gear... Taizhou's products have become the leading brands in their respective market segments.

     Focusing on the goal of 100 billion yuan, the industry is developing towards clustering, high-end, intelligent and green.

After years of development, Taizhou has formed the molding industry system with the most complete functions, the highest degree of specialization and the most complete supporting system in China. Huangyan Intelligent Mould Town is the first batch of high-tech characteristic towns in the province, and Huangyan molding industry innovation The service complex was successfully included in the list of the first batch of provincial-level industrial innovation service complexes. In addition, Taizhou also has the only mold testing center and provincial plastic product testing center in the province.

There are tens of thousands of enterprises in Taizhou's molding industry. The industrial base is strong and the products cover many types. However, the scale of enterprises is generally small and lacks core competitiveness. Compared with advanced countries such as Germany, Japan and South Korea, there is a big gap. According to statistics, in 2017, the molding companies in our city only accounted for 5% of the total number of enterprises in the industry, and there are a large number of small and micro enterprises and family workshops.

Focusing on the goal of “100 billion industry”, the mold and plastics industry will vigorously promote industrial clustering, high-end, intelligent and green development, and build a world-leading mold industry cluster and the largest and most competitive daily-use plastic in China. Product and plastic building materials production base. Strive to achieve a total output value of 100 billion yuan in the molding industry through about 5 years, and further enhance the industrial competitiveness and modernization level, and achieve a new leap in the molding industry.


The mold industry is in the middle of the manufacturing industry. Under the background of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the basic role of the mold industry will become more apparent. For example, China has also become the world's largest incremental market for new energy vehicles. It is expected that by 2020, the output of new energy vehicles will maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 40%. The Taizhou mold industry and China manufacturing grow together, which has a broad market space.
The development goal of China's mold industry is to enter the world's mold power by 2020. As one of the three most important mold production bases in China, Taizhou should play an important role in China's entry into the mold power country. The overall positioning is internationally leading and domestic. Leading high-end mold creation base, intelligent mold innovation base and mold collaborative manufacturing base.
In the focus of product development, Taizhou Mould focuses on “bigger”, “doing small”, “making fine” and “doing special”.

“bigger” – large (very large) injection molds, the main product areas are: automotive molds, public goods molds, home appliance manufacturing molds.

"Doing small" - new precision manufacturing molds, the main product areas are: optical precision molds, high-end medical supplies molds, aerospace supplies molds, IT products precision molds, precision cavity molds, high-precision thin-wall molds.

“Make fine” – extrusion molds and supporting production equipment, the main product areas are: food packaging, medical packaging, solar film, building materials, lamp molds. "Doing special" - mold processing, supporting products, etc., the main product areas: mold frame manufacturing, mold standard parts, heat treatment, material surface treatment, composite material molding mold.

Plastic products: to build the largest daily household plastic products and plastic building materials production base

According to statistics, there are 377 companies in the plastics industry in Taizhou, with more than 50,000 injection molding equipment, and the annual consumption of raw materials is more than 6 million tons.

Taizhou's plastics industry has a wide variety of products, ranging in size from 50g to 20kg (and even larger 518kg). It can be processed from small buttons and caps to car bumpers and plastic logistics pallets. All kinds of super large plastic inspection wells. The main product categories are construction profiles, pipe fittings, automotive, electric vehicles, home appliance plastic parts and daily-use plastic products.

In Taizhou, the plastic industry supporting system is complete, the division of labor and cooperation is refined, and Huangyan's developed mold industry provides strong support for plastic products.

The development goal of Taizhou's plastics industry is to plan the plastics industry belt and build the largest domestic plastic products and plastic building materials production base.

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