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Is it good or bad for Chinese car companies to acquire foreign brands?


With the development of China's economy, China's auto industry is also growing rapidly. In recent years, Chinese auto companies have not only acquired foreign brands, except Geely's acquisition of Volvo, and SAIC's acquisition of Rover, and its most famous car is Roewe and MG; BAIC acquired Saab and produced Sic Bo, in addition to many Chinese companies acquiring foreign brands.


However, Xiao Bian seems that although the acquisition of foreign brands is said to have a strong financial situation, but think about our Chinese car companies are still very smart. They are not only buying auto companies, but also the technology of making cars for foreign auto brands. Just like Geely's acquisition of Volvo, it also acquired Australia's DSI transmission company, and Borui's transmission is from DSI, which is Geely's cleverness, introducing DSI products and technology into the Chinese auto industry, not only promoted The development of China's auto industry also ensures DSI's position in the international arena. It’s not a profit to do both.

Like Geely, BYD also acquired a company that is beneficial to its own development in April 2010. The difference is that BYD acquired the automobile mold factory from Japan. This factory mainly produces molds for the main body to form steel plates, which is a big improvement for BYD, which is in the mid-term development mode.


In addition, Dongfeng Company acquired TEngineering AB, Sinochem acquired the equity of the Italian Pirelli Group, the fifth largest tire company. From this point of view, it is still technical to attract Chinese brand acquisitions. This also proves that Chinese auto brands are rational in cross-border acquisitions. They are not only concerned with products and brands, but also need to pay attention to whether this acquisition or stock purchase is concerned. Has long-term and stable development and returns. Although China's auto industry is already in a state of rapid development, whether it is a new energy vehicle or a smart Internet, or an automatic driving, Chinese auto companies are still in a state of technical research, while some foreign brands are There are small achievements in these technologies. On this basis, foreign companies need funds, while domestic companies need technology, and the two can just merge with each other.

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