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What are the requirements for automobile mould material selection in automotive mold parts processing plants?


When people talk about cars, the first thing that comes to mind is the body of the car. In other words, the body is the vehicle's logo assembly. The body represents the image of the car. In a narrow sense, automobile molds are the general name for the stamping of all the stamping parts on a car body. That is, "automotive body stamping dies." For example, the top flap flanging die, cross beam stiffening die, etc.

"Baige", an automotive mold parts processing factory, tells everyone what requirements need to be fulfilled for the selection of automotive molds:

   Stampings on automotive bodies are generally divided into cover parts, beam members and general stamping parts. The stampings that can clearly indicate the characteristics of the car image are car covers. Therefore, the more specific car mold can be said to be "car cover stamping mold." Referred to as car cover die. For example, the trimming die of the front door outer panel, the punching die of the front door inner panel, and the like.

   Of course, there are not only stamped parts on the car. All the stampings on the car are called "car stamping dies." To sum it up:

   1. Automotive molds are the general name for the molds that make up all parts of a car.

   2. The automotive stamping die is a die that punches all the stampings on the car.

   3. The auto body stamping die is a die that punches all the stampings on the car body.

   4. The automotive panel stamping die is the die that punches all the covers on the car body.

   Now our plate says that car molds all refer to car cover stampings. In order not to be confused with the general car punches, the car cover punches are not used for car punching when posting.

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