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Wonderful hand-painted new mold "normal turner" is not ordinary


How was a new car model developed? How is an artifact "born"? On September 16th, Wenzhou Mould Design Skills Competition and Wenzhou Cheer Skills Competition were held at Wenzhou Technician College. The players showed their superior skills.<Br>

Both competitions belong to the mechanical category and are an important part of Wenzhou City’s first “Yu Yue Craftsman” Cup Professional Skills Competition. The Longwan District People’s Government, Wenzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Wenzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Youth League Committee, Wenzhou Women’s Federation, etc. The units are co-hosted. A total of 50 players participated in the mold design skills competition, and 48 players participated in the vehicle skill competition.

“A new car model costs about tens of billions of dollars in mold design. This process takes at least two to three years.” Ma Yongguo, secretary general of Wenzhou Mould Association, said, “The mold is also called the mother of industry. , Yueqing's low-voltage electrical appliances, Bohai's motorcycles, Ryan's auto parts... Almost all industrial products must rely on mold molding. A new product, its new appearance, new functions need to be realized by means of mold design, Said mold technology is a company's 'R&D center'."

After a half-day theoretical written test in the morning, the players in the afternoon ushered in the "main event" - the actual operation part, which accounted for 80% of the total score of the competition. At the scene of the mold design skill competition, the players gathered in front of the computer to use the CAD, UG NX and other software for mold design. At the scene of the mechanics skill contest, it was completely another scene - the players analyzed the drawings and checked After the blank and the machine tool, the machine is started, and the machine drives the blank to rotate rapidly. The players choose a reasonable tool for cutting, and the blank becomes a beautiful and bright workplace under the operation of the players.

Jiang Xiaoqiu, director of Longwan District Vocational Skills Appraisal Center, introduced that the lathe is a method of lathe processing. According to different lathes, it is divided into CNC lathes and ordinary lathes. This competition is a common turning technology, which is more practical. . In industrial production, some small-scale production parts and non-standard parts of individual cases require ordinary turners to operate.

It is understood that after the conclusion of the theoretical written test, the total score will be calculated, and the first, second and third prizes of the two games will be awarded respectively. The player who won the first place was awarded the title of “Yu Yue Artisan” by the organizing committee of Wenzhou City’s first “Yu Yue Craftsman” Cup Professional Skills Competition.

It is reported that the "Yu Yue Craftsman" Cup professional skill competition covers more than ten competition categories of machinery, logistics, electric power, auto repair, clothing, service and health, and more than 100 competitions. In order to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen, further develop the leading role of professional skills competitions, and accelerate the construction of high-skilled talents. In 2018, Wenzhou City Federation of Trade Unions widely mobilized the majority of employees to actively participate in 69 skill competitions, and invested more than 600,000 in the competition. Through various competitions, we will create a good platform for the technical exchange and skill promotion of outstanding high-skilled talents.

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